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Behind The Dish is a baseball and softball conversation with a greater purpose.

With our expert experience and knowledge of the game, we take a deeper dive into real-life issues which affect student-athletes, parents, and coaches on and off the field. Focusing on mental development, emotional health, and the combined wellness factors to inspire a well-rounded athlete, parent, and coach.

utilizing sports to teach life skills and thriving    mental performance



When you’re part of a team, you join forces with other like-minded individuals and athletes to work towards a common goal. You join the team because you enjoy the game, have skill and expertise, and ultimately want to be part of something larger than yourself. Behind The Dish is no different. We are a team of uncommon individuals who have a passion for baseball and softball, but most importantly have a larger goal – creating programs and sharing experiences and tools which contribute to the overall mental health and performance of athletes, parents, and coaches worldwide!

"Behind the Dish is a team of everyday people who are really good at what they do and do it for the right reasons – to teach and train the next generation of athletes, coaches, and athlete-parents to be their best and healthiest selves! "

Mental Performance

BTD (Behind The Dish) was founded by former Major League Catcher, John Buck. John played Major League Baseball from 1998-2015 for teams including the Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, Florida Marlins, New York Mets, Pittsburg Pirates, Seattle Mariners, and Anaheim Angels.  During his career, John lost his brother and mother to suicide.  A healthy mental performance became a journey sought after and continues to practice today off the field.   It is at the center of everything he does.  During the 2020 pandemic, he and Jordan Jones (a friend of his brother Paul)  began Behind The Dish Podcast.  Together they began exploring healthy mental performance conversations.  John contributes his success in the major leagues to his team coaches, teammates, mentors, strong loving and supportive people in his life, and an amazing mental coach, Jim Fannin.  He has spent a great amount of time on personal development on and off the field.


In the summer of 2021, John Buck and Dr. Alley Dake, who have a mental performance coaching and consulting business together, LevelUp, decided to bring Behind the Dish conversations into the softball community...with an understanding female-athletes relate best to female athletes.  Joining them is two of the best instructors and player development coaches in the game.  Former catcher for the University of Florida, Ashlie (Goble) Rowley, and former pitcher for the University of Arizona, Shelby Babcock. Ashlie and Shelby have assisted in the development of some of the best young talent in the game and have a passion for empowering female athletes. 

The Future

Today, Behind The Dish has expanded into podcasts, Behind The Dish Baseball (BTDBB) and Behind The Dish Softball (BTDSB).  Both teams are committed to TEAMWORK, MENTAL PERFORMANCE, COLLABORATION, and THE FUTURE by bringing the most valuable players and current research into every conversation.  

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